Reading for Personal and Business Growth with the Great Oaks Book Club


One of the habits I aim to nail down is consistent reading. It’s one of those desired behaviors that often takes the backseat for me, yet it is so critical for my growth as an entrepreneur and human being. For the past few months, I’ve been reflecting long and hard about ways I could disrupt my behavioral patterns around reading. After all, I do not need proof of how reading can continue to transform my life; I already have it. I do not need tangible results either because I know they will follow. There is a reason CEOs of Fortune 500 companies read 1-2 books a week or an average of 60 books a year, and for both my personal and business growth, I had to find the solution.

And then, eureka! It hit me. Just like working out, I am much more effective in community and all that was left was to design an approach to reading books in a group that would work for everyone’s schedule and not interfere with my desire to maintain a remote lifestyle. I am proud to announce the solution and to also extend a personal invitation to all reading this piece.

New Roots has launched a virtual book club, the Great Oaks Book Club, for all interested in reading books that contribute to personal development and business growth. We will be reading the New Roots Book Pick each month and meeting online once a month to discuss. Join today. We recently announced our book for March 2017: John C. Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

Let’s get growing together!


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