Increasing Leaps and Bounds

Kindly forgive my absence, Everyone. I’ve certainly missed you all while processing, exploring and adapting several aspects of the New Roots brand to align with my authentic self while working to deliver products and services that create value sustainably. As you know, my expansion—my growth that is, over the course of 2016 has been the stuff of dreams, and I wanted to touch base with an update and hopefully, some inspiration around designing your life and speaking your dreams into existence.

Looking back at who I was in January 2016 before making the leap into entrepreneurship, there was so much that was unclear to me. I did, however, know that my growth had stalled professionally and that I had become too comfortable while not reaching for any of my dreams. Deep down, I always wanted to become an author and share my craft with the world. I also dreamed of inspiring and assisting others as a life coach and speaker, and of having the experience of building a business from scratch. Well, 2016 has been all of that and more….and my bucket list now has a whole bunch of check marks and even experiences that I never imagined.

Due to taking the leap in early 2016, I’ve now—for the first time in my life:

  • established and managed a business;
  • started building a brand;
  • written and published a book;
  • successfully completed a fundraiser / designed, launched, marketed and fulfilled a crowdfunding campaign;
  • through my own company, served clients and delighted customers;
  • been featured on a podcast;
  • spoken at a book festival and had a book signing;
  • been interviewed as part of a book review of my first book;
  • been invited to speak on a panel at a top business school;
  • completed life coaching training;
  • supported paying life coaching clients;
  • served as a policy strategist on a foreign presidential campaign; and
  • truly, embraced the unknown.

The unintended consequence of my making the leap is that my courage has developed in an area of my life that I never thought belonged to me—my career. I once believed that being hired by a top company was the goal and that salary increases and promotions would validate me. Today, I see all the flaws in that thinking, the fragility of my self-worth whenever I placed it in the hands of any person or entity, and I’ve vowed to never accept that perspective again. In fact, my much stronger mental state would not even allow me to think that way and I’m ever grateful for the lesson of 2016: the beauty of true autonomy. As Auntie Oprah says, “you are responsible for your life.” Everything I said I was at the beginning of the year, I now am:


I have a feeling, however, that the next stages in my growth are going to stretch me even further and the universe is already trying to create beautiful personal and professionals partnerships in my life, calling me to be more than I am. I’m excited to stay the course and continue to get out of my own way so that I might be used to bless many more as a life coach. In essence, this year changed my energy frequency in the world and I’ve started attracting people and experiences into my life that are contributing to it being a healthy, more fulfilling experience. What a time to be alive. What a blessing. I take nothing for granted.

Going forward, I will be offering life and business coaching tips and sharing resources with all of you. Should you grow an interest in obtaining my services as your life coach, send me a message and I’ll respond promptly.

Love and Light always,


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