Pleasure Doing Business With You


After closing recent service contracts with early New Roots clients and fulfilling the first orders for KOR Jewelry customers, I sent out surveys to learn about their experiences and to obtain feedback on what we could be doing better. I asked everything I could think of from their level of satisfaction with the final products to their willingness to engage with us again. I’m happy to share that these initial responses have been extremely positive and that we even received a few suggestions on how to take the jewelry offering to the next level! In addition, as I gather testimonials, I am adding them to the lower part of our service webpage so that others can know what to expect (The KOR Jewelry site will be created a bit down the line).

When your customer is happy, you are happy! It’s all about the Win-Win relationship. And guess what, I’m super happy ladies and gentlemen about these responses, and I’m even more excited to serve many others going forward. My team and I are still pushing forward with the initiatives mentioned in my recent post on Marketing and our goals are to reach those who need our products and services and to keep both the tank full and the car running.

In conclusion, we keep at the forefront of our minds that:

Delighted customers become loyal customers.

It’s our pleasure to serve you.

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